Review of Syma X5C



This drone is basically an aerial video quad copter, it comes with a camera and there is a version available without the camera as well. It has the D. G. I. phantom looks associated to it especially the prop guards. So, pretty cool look. It’s a good practice quad copter if you’re looking for one and move up to the better ones later. It’s a good idea to start with something like this. It has got LEDs on it. Nice tall landing gears so the camera doesn’t get hit on the ground. Prop guards are pretty substantial, they work well, they screw into the frame nice, sturdy and Works well.

It comes with a 500mAH hour battery which takes about an hour and 45 minutes to charge. You get about 6.5 minute flights with everything attached. You get about 9 minute flights if you remove the prop guards, the camera and the landing gear. It also flies much better with all those things removed.

It’s kind of 2 quads in one, you can have an aerial video Quad or you can remove all that extra stuff and it flies much sportier. It’s quicker, it’s more stable and has really good 6 axis so you can zip around really nice with it.

The battery plugs into the hatch below and the camera slides back and then you’ve got a hatchery You can plug the battery and leave it plugged in as there’s an on off switch so you close up your hatch there. It’s nice and concealed and then you got an on-off switch. When turned on, the lights turn on.

At first you can hear sometimes the props click against the prop guards a little bit. You have to mess with them and sort of bend them. Try to get them out of the way but not too big of a deal. And then it comes with a bunch of stuff.

The camera comes with a 2 gigabyte memory card. It comes with a USB card reader, a USB battery charger, Spare set of props, and the screwdriver to install the props and then you can also install a prop guards using that screwdriver.

You can re calibrate it by putting them both sticks to the bottom right corner. Then you got two rates. As indicated by H and L. When you press it, you’ll hear 2 beeps for higher rates. When you’ve got the camera attached,if you just click on the right button once, it takes a picture and you can see it as a green light on the camera and now if you click it once again it turns red it’s taken a picture.

if you press and hold it, then it stays red and blinks red which indicates that its filming. And then you can press it again to stop filming. You can’t do flips with the camera attached but if you remove the camera, you can actually have fun. You can remove the entire camera door if you want. Also when the camera is unplugged now the right button becomes a flip button and press the button press whichever direction you want toflipping it does flips. So I wouldn’t suggest doing the flips with the prop guards and landing gear and all that which is going get a little wobbly.

maxresdefault (1)

If you remove those and trim it down to where it is, you’ll know it’s the lightest possible form for performing stunts. The flips are actually quite nice and it fits really well. Flies really well. You just have to get rid of all this extra weight when you’re in this mode this is basically for filming you want to keep it slow and steady. And focus more on filming than fancy flying then it gets a little unstable and wobbly in this form. And it’s really light and I mean is surprisingly light, it’s kinda shockingly light when you first pick it up. It doesn’t seem like it could possibly be as light as it is. With the battery installed and everything together it’s slightly over 100 grams, so pretty light and then because of this kind of bulky body and the light weight it tends to get thrown around by the wind a little bit.

Especially with all the extra stuff trimmed, it can fight the Wind decently but not the best quad in the winds. The camera angle isa little bit low, it kind of angles down quite a bit. So when your distance away from something you’ve got to be quite a bit above it in order for the camera angle to get what you want it to film.

So I wish there you couldn’t be either manually change the angle or it was just a little bit less I’d like it when it points forward more so you know you’re filming pretty much about even with the front of the quad. But with this, you’ve got to be quite a bit above what you’re trying to film. Also the LVC warning. For me it was almost non-existent and I’d I think I did get it to blink the LEDs. To show the LVC warning like well after the battery was too weak to even keep it hovering. So you’ll notice the quad getting weak and having a hard time correcting and doing your inputs to indicate that the battery is weak well before the actual LVC warning comes out and the LED starts to blink.

So you just have to be aware of your flight times especially if you’re up high and  filming, you don’t really get a ton of warning that your battery is about to die. In the video quality, they say it’s an H. D. cam but I don’t know, it’s not super high quality video definitely you’re not going to like filming a wedding with this thing.

I think this is meant to kind of practice with, get a feel for aerial video and then move up to something like the phantom of which would also explain the kind of look out it just kind of really gets here familiar with flying that kind of a quad. Alright, well that’s about all I had to say about the Syma X5C. Check the latest pricing of this quad here.