This is the third item creation of the X8 series by SYMA with a 1080P HD camera. It has 100 meter distance and the charge time is 70 minutes for a flight time of 10 to 12 minutes. And comes with the 7.4 volt. 2000mAH battery. It also has the headless mode but the star of the story is the 8 megapixel HD camera. It has the general P mode as well as a 720 P mode. However the camera can only be used with the X8 quad copter platform.


The camera draws power from the quadcopter’s battery and the recording can only be switched on and off by its own transmitter. That means that the camera will work with that X8G. The X8C as well as the X8W But not by itself. So if you were thinking you are getting a standalone 1080P camera. Sorry to say you are out of luck. They also splashed a new silver and black colorscheme. To differentiate the G addition from its predecessors. But the platform of the quad copter has not changed.

So,If you are in the market for a quad copter like this and don’t own a camera to stick on the belly and don’t mind forking out the cash and most of all, like the color scheme that it comes in, then click on this link to buy this drone now.