Tips for drone use

The drone. Owning it is no longer a dream. Nowadays, anyone needs aerial photographs in his film, often reaches for drones. But how do I best use a drone? How do I get particularly great pictures? We have ten tips for you!

They are cheaper than helicopters or higher than the largest crane: Multikopter. The four-, six- or eight-propeller machines have shaken the market of unchained camera systems in a short time. When such images really dramatic make sense that you have to have to decide. We have a few tips on how to shoot out of the copter look especially beautiful and what is observed.

  1. Plant smooth movements! Drones provide fantastic footage from the air when it is quiet and slow. The viewer has time to enjoy the scenery. Fast whip pan can be in any case do not reach the remote heads. But frantic maneuvers are not advisable. They endanger the flight safety of the copter. If such maneuvers to be part of the visual concept, rather turn to 4K or 6K. Then can be zoomed and panned in the post-production digitally in the image back and forth. Slow movements also in favor of reducing the shutter effect, which can occur in many CMOS camera sensors provide.
  1. Ensures plasticity! The beauty of camera movement is that it creates plasticity. To encircle an object produces a plastic, three-dimensional impression of the surface. As with the real stereoscopy occurs here at the right distance and the object that your filming. A rock wall of three meters will not act very vivid, clear. But orbiting times a boat 10 to 20 meters, in the background of the port or the coastline as a visual anchor point – because you do not need a stereoscopic 3D more!
  1. Selects 50p recording for smooth movements! A good technical tip for recording is recorded progressively at a frame rate of 50 frames. This ensures a natural, fluid motion impression. If you work with an unknown you camera system, check in advance whether the device can. The Canon 5D Mark III, for example, to only a 720er resolution capable, not in 1080. power in doubt before the shoot also a test of how much is the shutter effect at the camera. With CMOS sensors this is very common, in various forms. Has the camera used has a global shutter – super!
  1. If a wide-angle lens! Is also a self-explanatory point. Of a mobile object, it is not advisable to use a telephoto lens. That is, despite Gimbal, from great heights shaky. A heavy, unbalanced zoom lens belongs to no aircraft. The wide-angle also to capture as much of the landscape and rotary designs capable.
  2. Set an ever two people! No discussion. For reasonable Footage include two people on the team: a pilot who focuses exclusively on the aircraft and a cameraman who is dedicated to remote control of the remote head and the image verification. Both tasks are highly complex. There are certain drivers that also the image “in view have” can. But it is important to make the picture! Whoever claims seriously, to both simultaneously, probably of both no idea.
  1. Plant sufficient space for takeoff and landing a! When Lars Pfeiffer over the gorge-shooting fished the plane from the air in the article, it is because it at this location was no different and he has years of experience with it. One thing is very similar to the large air traffic. The chance of taking off and landing something goes wrong is much higher than in flight.
  1. Holt you a climb approval! This applies to the case that you fly itself. Only copter without a camera, which are flown uncommercial and weigh less than 5 kilos, do not need any registration. Once you climb a drone commercially (for professional purposes, for example) in the public let, you need an extended license. These are often issued for a longer period of time and cost around 250 euros. At best, your turn you to the local district offices.
  1. Prepare yourself familiar with the rules! Especially if you’re planning a rotation with Multikopter, you must know what is allowed and what is not. For Military areas and airports minimum distances of one and a half kilometers away, must be observed. In addition, must not be increased more than 100 meters without an extra flight license. Gatherings of people (more than two dozen people), accidents and nuclear power plants are also taboo. The rules of personal rights must be strictly respected. Neither allowed in backyards, gardens or balconies into being filmed, nor may persons be recognizable, that have not released.
  1. Holt you professionals. Those who believe that a DJI Phantom and a GoPro after two-hour flight to deliver stunning images has never been quicker regretted the investment of 2,000 euros. To deliver a really good job, it needs specialists. This applies to the crane, for Steadicam and also for the copter there professionals who have been trained in the fly AND movies for years. Professionals also have the advantage that they already have a liability insurance which you must present when using a drone and likely have an extended license.
  1. A drone is no steady cam. A crane or dolly move are significantly more precise than one trip. A drone does not belong in normal scenes, especially when around it is still a 10-person team. In addition to an airplane takes a lot of technical preparation, which may then delay the spectacle rotation. Plant so better not complex, long game actions. Sets the use of the aircraft rather than a conclusion of a scene, when the couple kissing in Happy End and the camera does not swing in the sunset in the sky, but vanishes in him.

Real-time transmission:

Among the most important innovations for us the quality of the transferred image belongs to the display of the connected to the remote control tablet or smartphone. In our case, it was an iPad mini, was transferred to the real-time and in HD with 720 pixels the image recorded on the camera. Even at a distance of almost two kilometers, the still working without annoying interruptions.

DJI relies on its own Lightbridge technology, their performance is significantly higher than with previous wireless solutions of phantom devices, in which the video transmission broke off after only a few hundred meters.